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Alaska’s River Wrangellers

Starting in spring of 2020, River Wrangellers LLC will be operating under the new name of Copper River Guides LLC.

All River Wrangellers management, employees and fishing guides will remain employed under Copper River Guides. Past or returning clients will be transferred to Copper River Guides. The relationships clients have enjoyed with certain guides will be maintained. All River Wrangellers business and contracts will be redirected to Copper River Guides. The Fishing and River trips offered have not changed, Copper River Guides operates all the same trips and services offered by River Wrangellers. Brandon Thompson is the owner of Copper River Guides LLC; he was a former fishing and river guide for River Wrangellers LLC for many years.

Copper River Guides LLC Owner:     Brandon Thompson

Phone: (907) 960-0069
Email: CopperRiverGuides@gmail.com
Web: https://www.copperriverguides.com